Find the right approach and the appropriate products for your target audience.

MINIBRAND stands for compact and minimalist design. Our mission is to give entrepreneurs and founders orientation in their development and grow into a successful brand together. Experience shows: you can only develop a durably convincing brand if you invest in a solid foundation.


You can trust our 15+ years of experience in brand development.

  • Tried and tested design modules and strategies are effective and save time
  • Manageable budgets provide planning security
  • Timeless and minimalist design solutions offer flexibility
  • Workshops and methods for finding your brand and product name as well as your company identity
  • Introductions to using individual design standards
  • Review and optimization for already developed brand concepts
  • Measurable success by combining search engine optimization (SEO) and design
  • Additional network of experts for special requests


Let’s find the right strategy together in a free initial consultation.*


*Generally lasting around 45 minutes



Even the best design is useless without a concept!

Include us in your decision-making early on, as our participation will have a major impact on the later brand design. By using various design processes and methods, we try to filter out the core of your vision while demonstrating challenges as well as revealing potentials.


Depending on the scope of the project, we’ll use individual design methods in personal conversations and workshop sessions to develop a clear self-image you can identify with. This forms the foundation of the further design process and the conceptualization and development of a brand name.

Keywords: Identity, Naming | Slogan/Tagline | Positioning | Design Thinking | Design-Sprint


Logos today are no longer static. They require a media-specific flexibility and scalability for all interfaces. A strong logo sticks in people’s minds – but to do so, it has to be simple, clear, recognizable and unmistakeable.

The composition of a logo comprises the following combinations which are fundamentally registerable and a patentable symbol:
Wordmark: words, numbers, letters, or other characters
Logotype: pictures, picture elements, or depictions without word components
Word and design mark: an enduring combination with textual and graphical elements


Visual concept
Our professional photographers will accompany your work. We use developed visual concepts to ensure a consistent visual language. Here is where we establish your visual language and visual style that the photographer then uses as a guideline.

Text concept (Corporate Language)
Every product and every service can tell a story. Lively storytelling, rich dialogue situations, fresh taglines and slogans make your texts attractive for the reader. Keep it brief and reduce your content to the basics. And don’t forget: by using the right keywords for search engine optimization (SEO), your customers will be able to find you.


Branding is the holistic understanding of a company’s identity. Adopt a stance, internalize it, and use it in all communication. This also achieves a higher added value. Convey honest messages that promise what they are.

Corporate Design
Corporate design visualizes your company’s identity and its appearance in terms of aesthetics as well as the imparting of values. It allows companies to appear as a unit both internally and externally and is based on design guidelines and constants that are deployed in various spheres of application and products.

Keywords: Appearance | Business equipment | Print products | Website


Typography is the smallest unit of design and is the fundamental basis for your design as such. For this reason, your choice of typography is essential and the correct use requires precision and attention to detail. The general rule is: quality makes the difference – stand out from the crowd!

Keywords: Font selection | Ligatures | Micro-typography


Make your data and processes visible, develop individual visualization systems like info- and process graphics or icon families that make complex associations understandable in a simple way. Through high readability and clear hierarchies, they convey abstract information in a concise and attractive way, which also ensures additional recognizability.

Keywords: Icons | Infographics | Patterns | Textures

Individual illustrations spark the imagination, trigger emotions, and facilitate interpretations and associations that stick in people’s memories. Individual figures can convey information in a playful manner and describe scenarios or characters.

Keywords: Visual Storytelling | Simple Shows | Character Development


Personally address your readers with a concise and individually pitched design so they remember you. A characteristic layout with targeted use of image and text elements conveys substance quickly and clearly. Here, attention should be devoted to a well-developed visual focus, readability, and a clearly defined visual hierarchy. The brand experience is rounded out by the choice of material. Let us know if you also need assistance in your editorial work.

Keywords: Brochures| Leaflets | Cards | Magazine | Book | Brand Book


Unser Markenerlebnis wird immer stärker von der User Experience geprägt. Die Berührung mit der Marke findet heute größtenteils über digitale Kanäle statt und verändert so unser Navigations- und Leseverhalten. Wir erarbeiten mit Ihnen die zentrale Aussage Ihrer Seite und passen eine nutzerfreundliche Navigation für alle Geräte an: Content First – die wichtigsten Informationen auf einen Blick.


Give your photos an individual style by working together with professional photographers whom we can gladly recommend. Avoid using the interchangeable motifs of photo agencies. It’s better to show less photos overall, and instead individual photos built on a well-thought-out visual concept.

Keywords: Portrait Photos | Product Photography | Lifestyle Photos | Food Photography


Focus on high-end productions that are realizable even with a small budget. Browse our extensive range of paper types and make yourself stand out through the right choice of paper: every printed product should be a tactile experience.

Keywords: Natural Papers | Refinement | Definition | Stamping | Envelopes


Figure out how your target audience thinks, what search terms they use, and what they’re looking for. Help the designer to develop more precise strategies and marketing concepts based on an analysis. Conduct an SEO quick-check – the targeted establishment of a page architecture and the correct use of taglines, strategies to build links, categorizations and keywords all raise your relevance for search engines.


We structure our work processes as transparently as possible, that you know exactly what we’re doing for you right now.



In our first consultation we figure out which branding package fits your goals, products, or services. We show you both challenges as well as potentials, and analyse and define target audiences. The foundation branding this includes helps us to reach a consensus in design questions.




We conceptualize and develop your foundation branding and the products belonging to it in an intensive dialogue. We ask critical questions, point out possible obstacles, and develop potential solutions. As a result, you receive concrete products from the corresponding branding package.




We support you throughout the ongoing expansion and positioning of your foundation branding so that you reach your long-term business goals. Together, we look closer at the current market situation and adapt your products effectively to changing conditions.


The following list represents a selection of customers who have worked with minibrand successfully.

  • Moritz Geiser +
    film editor
  • Creme Guides +
    online magazine
  • QFDS – Quick Fire Dynamics Simulator
    StartUp | Fire and smoke simulation
  • Investkapital
  • Dr. Kampe – Internatsschulen
  • England
    International school counselling
  • Leibniz Universität Hannover IFBP
    Institute for Building Physics